God is Here!

How has God been showing up in your life on this trip? 

This past year I struggled a lot with trust. Trusting that I would get into the college I wanted, and trusting God to take care of my every need. One evening during praise and worship, our leader asked us to ask God what he wanted us to do for him. As I was singing I saw an image in my head of the word ‘trust” descending from the clouds. Proverbs 3:5-6 “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct your paths.” It has only been a few days since this happened, but in these 2 days since I put all my trust in him, he has showed me new amazing truths about myself I never knew I could do.          -Amber Palo
Throughout this week God has revealed himself and his power and his love in so many indescribable ways. Whatever the way was, I kept getting the same message. He will never forsake me and he loves me. The first thing that really hit me was the women at the nursing home who still felt the peace and joy of God even in their last hours. It was so breathtaking and it just helped me realize he will never leave me. God also revealed to me that he loves me unconditionally. For a while I was worried because God kept showing other team members visions and scriptures and other amazing things while I thought he wouldn’t talk to me. But one night during worship he told me he talks to me every day through my heart and it was amazing.         -Amanda Thomas

The story of how God is working my own life this week…He’s renewed His love in me, and just completely filled me with His joy again. He’s also shown me the next step in my mission work with Him, which would be going to The Novas Project with AIM in January.      -Kate Montgomery

I’ve learned that I’m never alone, and that I have God in my heart always. I’ve also been shown that even as my life goes through the most hard changes, God is my constant, and the rock upon which I stand. God works in my life by giving me comfort even in turmoil, and a light in the dark. He loves me as only the father could. And I’m forever grateful.    -David Campos

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