The Puerto Rico Ambassadors Have Arrived and Hit The Ground Running!

Greetings from sunny and sometimes rainy Puerto Rico! Hola as well to all of the family and friends of our Puerto Rico Ambassadors! It has been a whirlwind of activity since our arrival Monday afternoon. Everyone made it just fine along with their luggage.

The Ambassadors have been immersed in the Puerto Rican culture and lifestyle from the very get go. From language to food and lifestyle to family. After our arrival and an orientation to Aricebo (our town), we settled in our house, which is only a 2 minute walk away from a beautiful beach.  We then jumped right into making plans for our ministry opportunities.

From puertorico.myadventures.org

The view from our front porch with the ocean in the very back.

We are partnered with a local church here.  For the week, through this church, we are running a teen program each morning full of fun, games, Biblical teachings, and building relationships.  With the Ambassadors and many of the youth attending the camp having similar ages, bonds and friendships have been quickly forming.

After a quick break and siesta, we whipped up a batch of cookies and visited the home of an incredible woman by the name of Lucy.  She has had health problems off and on, so at times it is difficult for her to get out and about.  There may not be another person on this planet who is as full of life and joy as Lucy.  It was believed that our visit would be a blessing to her, and it was.  However, it was equally as bit of a blessing to all of the Ambassadors.  She had so much wisdom to share about living a Christ centered life, thanking God for every single blessing you have each and every day, and so much else that really touched each person there.  We’re pretty certain we’ll be seeing her again before we go.  She’s adamant about preparing a special meal for everyone!

From puertorico.myadventures.org

All of us with Lucy, a woman full of love and joy!

As for the rest of our time here?  We’ll be involved in some physical labor projects, continuing the teen program, beach evangelism, home visits, showing and sharing the love of Christ with everyone we come across, and so much more!

After just one full day of ministry, the Ambassadors aren’t sure how it can get much better than what we’ve already seen and done, but knowing the God we serve, we’re certain that He will continue to exceed all of our expectations.

From puertorico.myadventures.org

4:30 in the morning?  Yep!  It’s travel day!

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