Set Me Free Drime

So. We learnt this drime at Training Camp. We weren’t supposed to learn one but plans were changed and we learnt this really cool drama/mime all thanks to our marvelous teacher.  We preformed it on the last day of Kids Camp to the teenagers. 

It was to a song called Set Me Free by Casting Crowns. The drama was pretty much about a girl(annie) being lost  and confused. She’s looking around and searching for answers when suddenly 2 deamons (Sarah and Anna) attack her and torment her. They essentially beat her and abuse her. The tie her hands together and she is trapped by the deamons. She is completely broken when Jesus(Me, Marissa) comes in and the deamons start to back off. I am walking over to her and holding her hands but then I start to walk away from her. She is terrified and doesn’t know what I am doing. I reassure her that what I am about to do is for the greater good. The deamons get annoyed with me and pretty much nail me to the cross. Jesus knows that all this is going to happen but still suffers great pain and eventually dies. But, He rises again in 3 seconds (as opposed to 3 days). The deamons die right as Jesus comes back to life. Jesus walks over to the girl, sets her free, takes the ropes off her hands and then they hug it out. It all ends in this girls devotion and worship of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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