So. All is well in Ireland. July 6th was when we started kids camp. It was amazing! So many childrens lives were touched by the Lord. He is just working in amazing ways for and through all of us! Throughout the week we did some sight seeing. We went to visit a lighthouse which reminded me soo much of home! After that we went to this run down, beat up church. It was the most beautiful thing ever. One room had the roof all torn off and the whole floor was covered in green foliage. The light just invaded the whole room and made a magnificent atmosphere. Another room was pitch black but after taking several pictures to see where we were walking, we found these stairs. Annie and I started climbing the steep, slippery stairs without hesitation. Upstairs was a beautiful area with holes in the ceiling allowing the light to seep through.  It was a most incredible experience. We explored for a while and just took in the beauty and how magnificent God’s creations are.