That’s the only word I can think to describe this country. From the people… to the beauty I see everywhere I look… to this amazing team. Incredible.

We are currently tackling week number two! We have about sixteen or seventeen days left here in beautiful Ireland. It’s honestly extremely crazy to think that I’m in a different country. Sometimes I find myself walking along the countryside roads taking in all the amazing scenery then think, “I’m in a different country. I left everyone in America to go spread the love of Christ.” In what universe do I deserve the honor to do this?



If you haven’t noticed, it’s my first time out of the country 🙂 Most of the girls on this trip have been to places such as Haiti, Nicaragua, Ecuador, and some other place before. It’s incredible to see them just go, go and love on each person – already used to an environment of being away from home specifically for Christ. It puts me at ease as well.


We are currently in the town of Baltimore (sounds a little American but we’re in Ireland, I swear) running a VBS (or kid’s club). According to Raymond, no one has really attempted a kid’s club or anything of the sort here before. But despite the odds/lack of kids, we’re still taking it on.


Yesterday and today was a good start for us though. Great reminder that even if you only have one kid, that its MORE than worth it to still spread Christ and that we really need to keep the enthusiasm. 

We only had one child – little Caleb. We had one kid, nine teens, and three adults. It was quite comical but incredibly beautiful to see every single one of us participate in the worship, and even more so to see that he wanted to do it again before we stopped for snacks on the first day. Little Caleb is seven years old, lived in America for five years and recently moved back here, loves futbol, and most important? He has never truly heard about Jesus. 

As we were coloring with him today, we told him about Jesus and were able to share the daily Bible story with him. We’re planting seeds here, guys. As we act out the Bible story, he’s curious – asking tons of question. All from the mind of a little child obviously, but important questions to him, nonetheless.


Before we opened the doors to the kid’s club, we all took a few minutes to pray together over the day and any kids who would be there. As others were praying I found myself praying in my head. 

I thought of the verse in Matthew 19: 13-15 “One day some parents brought their children to Jesus so he could lay his hands on them and pray for them. But the disciples scolded the parents for bothering him. But Jesus said, ‘Let the children come to me. Don’t stop them! For the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to those who are like these children.’ And he placed his hands on their heads and blessed them before he left.” I found myself praying, “God, bring them.” I ask that you all pray the same.


Granted, I was drawn to this trip for the work with teens, but quite frankly? We’ve already done so much with both – kids and teens. For example. Just last week in Drimoleague! After the kid’s camp we helped out with there, we had a barbeque with at least ten to fifteen teens then worshiped together in a field. I mean what?! It was incredible! Since getting here to Baltimore, we’ve already been reminiscing about our seemingly few days in Drimoleague. We already miss all the amazing people there. We’ve been saying (as I was writing this actually), “Baltimore is beautiful (well, all of Ireland really), but Drimoleague is where our heart is.”



Thank you all so so much for your constant prayers. We can feel them – I know I can. Please please please continue praying for us though. We have a few who are feeling a bit stuffy nosed and drowsy a few recovering from said cold symptoms. We also have a lot of anxiety and attacks from the enemy. But, nonetheless, this is an amazing, beautiful experience and we are growing moment by moment. I ask that your biggest prayers be for opportunities to speak to and love people and exponential growth and healing in us as individuals as well as a team. As humans, we’re still broken and we still need His constant healing.


We are all safe, we are all loved, and we’re all super duper warm…. okay, that may be a stretch, but we are all happy:) Thank you all so much again for your prayers.


See you in Dunmanway, everyone!


Love, Erin