Painting Party

After a few days of getting acquainted with the area and our ministry location, we dived right into work. Monday through Wednesday we were all put to work painting the whole upstairs of the church (three Sunday School classrooms and the kitchen), the stairwell, and the nursery downstairs. It was hard work, but the girls and I all plugged away and were pretty proud of our work. Praise God for giving us the strength and perseverance. It’s a very old church building and had a lot of water damage in the walls because of the moisture. So throughout painting we also did some patchwork and sealant. I must say, I was pretty impressed that a group of eight girls could get it all done in just three days.
Yesterday and today we’ve been helping cut, paste, and compile all kinds of things for the kids camp as well as clean up the church. This afternoon another team from Texas came in, so we spent most of the morning preparing lunch for them. Heading out to meet with them tonight and hopefully get to know them a bit before we start the camp on Monday.
In addition, Danna and I have also had the opportunity to lead some evening teaching times. I shared about surrender over the weekend and Danna covered sacrifice later during the week. I am so proud of these girls and the way they continue to press into both the physical work and the spiritual growth taking place here.

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