I sit here typing this at 10:45 pm.  We have just completed our comissioning service and our last night of training camp.  In about four hours (yes, folks that is 3am. Yikes!) we load up the big yellow bus that brought most of us to Gainesville two days ago, and begin our journey!  These last couple of days of training camp have been a whirlwind of team builders, teachings and time to get to know one another.  I have been so impressed at how our team has jumped right into the craziness of traning camp and their desire to grow together as a little family for the next two weeks.  These gals are ready to be true “ambassadors” of the Father’s love to the people of Guatemala.  I am honored to help lead them on this adventure.
We arrive in Guatemala City tomorrow around noon.  We will be staying the night there and returning to the airport Saturday morning to pick up the other team.  We will then make our way by bus to San Pedro, where we will be ministering for the duration of the trip.  We will post again to let you know we have arrived safetly, and a few times after that with stories and updates.
We value your prayers so much! Thanks for cheering us on back home. 
Grace and Peace,
Jessica (on behalf of Team Guatemala)
From 09gu0630yi.myadventures.org
Group pic after (almost) conquering the toothpick!