I am sitting in an internet cafe in Nauta at the moment. We just saw Luke, Emily, Katie, Kyle, Jheri, and Ben perform one of our dramas, it was really powerful. We are in the town square at a campaign which here is like an outdoor christian rally. Mary Beth explained our drama to a pretty big crowd. This is the second night the students have performed here at the square. As Kacie has said we are leaving to go upriver at 5:00 am tomorrow moring. It will be about 10hrs to get upriver and we will return on the 4th (I hope to blog again on the 5th). The team has been an immense blessing to me the past two days (I have been a little under the weather) and they are a constant source of encouragement! I am so thankful for this amazing group of people that have already become like my family. Please be in prayer for our health, safety, and what the Lord is doing here in Nauta and in the villages upriver. I will be posting blogs from the students each time I get the chance to blog. Stephanie was the only one to actually write her´s down for me. Stephanie shared her amazing testimony/timeline with the team today.
Love to my family and friends! I miss you very much! Please keep praying for us.
Here is what she gave me to write to you:
  Hola! This is Stephanie. I love our lodging here in Nauta. We get to bathe using buckets and sleep in mosquito net forts! We share the estate with very nice locals, a perro (dog) name Manchas, and various chickens. We have a beautiful view of the jungle. I am having a blast learning spanish from the kids who go to the school below us. Estoy emocionada decirle a ustedes mas! 

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