The Infamous “Everything” by Lifehouse Skit

If you´re not familiar with this skit, you can look at it on YouTube!

     While in Peru we´ve had multiple opportunities to preform our own version of this skit. Anna organized it, Devin is Jesus and Ciara is the main girl. After Devin shows Ciara everything she can experience through Christ, Dylan comes in and whisks her away. He is followed by Mary who tempts Ciara with money and greed. Next Sydney and I strut across the stage, fix her makeup and encourage her to throw up to become thinner. Peter and Kayla act drunk and drag Ciara into drugs and alcohol, and lastly Scotty is Satan and gives her a gun to commit suicide. Ciara then realizes how amazing her life was with Christ and does everything she can to go back to him.

      I love performing this skit because it has so much impact upon everyone in the crowd. Knowing that you´re touching their lives without words is very powerful. Many have gone through what is being performed and I know the time is not going to waste. Being able to feel God working through us is incredible and I am sure God will use us for His glory. Pictures and videos of the skit will defiantly be uploaded soon!

-Megan Parrott

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