Market Evangelism

Hola, everyone!

Week Two in Lima and I’m still amazed how open the Peruvians are to the gospel. Their willingness to listen to us and hear about Jesus is so encouraging. A lot of our time last week was spent evangelizing in local markets. We split up into two groups and passed out tracts, prayed for people, and shared our testimonies with them. If our team had attempted this in the States, we would have been met with people who were too busy to take a flyer, too occupied to listen, and too uninterested to even give us the time of day. In Peru, however, people will almost always take a tract, and often they will actually take the time to read it. In addition, they are willing to give up time out of their busy day to hear us out and even ask a few questions. Most amazingly, when we ask if they would like us to pray for them, they don’t refuse. Even those who are nonbelievers or those that don’t attend church have something they want us to pray for, whether it be health, business, or family. Already we have seen some people from the market show up at the church!

These past weeks have been such a blessing and I’m so excited to see what God has planned for the remainder of this trip!