Party Church!

Hi everyone! This is Mary just writing a quick update on some of our experiences here in Peru so far.

Our first week has been quite and adventure; getting settled in, trying new foods (we’re all still waiting on guinea pig), evangelizing in the markets and meeting new people. But one of my favorite experiences so far has been getting to know the people at the local church. These people know how to party! Coming from a american church their services caught me off guard at first, but sunday night really solidified in my mind the notion that these people know how to do church! We got there just as the band was starting and for the first forty minutes we just danced to the worship songs with all the rest of the church. Then we Devin and Anna shared some super good testimonies and we heard a sermon (which sounded good even though we couldn’t understand it) and had some prayer time. Then the real party started! I think we danced for three hours straight, and by the end the church had busted out masks and horns and glitter bombs. It was quite  a night 🙂 We were all dripping sweat by the end, but the power went out at our house that night so that kind of canceled any shower plans. But it was fun anyway. The people here have a real passion for God, and I’m just so excited that we get to celebrate him with them. Even though we don’t speak spanish we have gotten to know them pretty well already and Christ speaks every language so I think we will all be best friends by the end of the month! 🙂

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