Week Two Update from the Lima, Peru Team!

Hola Amigos y Familia,
All is well as we are in the midst of our last week in ministry in Tumpa! Since we were last able to write, our team has had the chance to continue visiting those we have built relationships with in Tumpa. The people are very open to the word of God, and ask many good questions as we share our hearts for the Lord with them. As Peru is a traditionally Catholic country, much confusion abounds about the saints and traditional worship of idols in the church. In our conversations with the people of the town we have seen the Lord open eyes and hearts as we share passages about our Lord being a jealous God who will not tolerate his people putting any before him. Through these conversations, many have come to know the Lord as they are set free from the strongholds abundant in their religion.  
In addition to spending time daily visiting with the people, the team spent the afternoons last week doing VBS with the children in the town square. It was encouraging to see the 50 or so children learning that Jesus is their rock, their guide, their protector, their light, and of course their salvation.  As we walk the streets now we see them carrying around the crafts we made together, singing the songs they learned, and reciting the verses they were taught by the team. They certainly learned the love of the Father through the team, and I believe it´s safe to say that they have stolen our hearts as well. We hope to continue pouring into these children we have fallen in love with and are sad to leave them next week.
Not only has the team spent time during the day in Tumpa, but we have had nightly church services with the local body in both Musho and Tumpa. In these services, the team has done dramas, given personal testimonies, and preached the word of God. It has been a blessing to be able to encourage the local church and teach them how to make disciples of their own people because they will be here long after we are gone continuing God´s work in Peru.
This past weekend we joined the church for a celebration of their 8 year anniversary. There were messages given from Friday night until Sunday afternoon where over 100 people attended. It was a sweet time of fellowship and encouragement for both the team and the local church.
As our time in the mountains comes to a close, we are continuing to visit with and disciple those we have come to love. A great example of the relationships that have been built can be seen in the men of our team. On the first day they shared with several young men and 2 notorious gang leaders came to know the Lord. Since that day several other young men have prayed to know God as well as the guys have continue to meet with them and pour into them daily through conversations and playing futball (and winning I might proudly add) with them. It has been amazing to see God raising up young men of God here in Peru!
Here are a few thoughts from the team:
Ally – Spiritual warfare is different, but God is so good and so awesome. I love you all and you all are in my prayers.
Chanelle – Hey everybody. We get to climb the tallest mountain in Peru, but only to the snow: I know you are all jealous. 143244-e
Meghan – God is really changing hearts here in Peru and is working in incredible ways.
Sarah P. – Peru is the most beautiful place in the world, isn´t it amazing what God has created?
Liana – The mountains and people here are beautiful. It is a joy to share God´s love with them…and I can talk again.
Barton – Not only are we changing and maturing, but we are being transformed by the power of the spirit because of the lives of both our family and the hearts of the Peruvian people.
Kyle – Everything here is incredible, the moutains, the people, and the church. God is moving in amazing ways. Much Love.
BreAnne – The opportunity to love the Peruvian people and watch God move through our team has been incredible. Love You.
Molly – Peru is amazing – better than I could have ever imagined. I can see God working in amazing ways in the hearts of the people of Tumpa and Musho. Miss you all.
Sarah H. – What an amazing month it has been! Ten days left and I can´t wait to come home and share everything God has done! Miss you all. Love you all.
Chelsea, Jason, and Teresa – The team and the people here are amazing! We are sad to leave, but excited to share with everyone what amazing things the Spirit of our Lord has been doing. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers. We love you all!
Prayer Requests:
Several on the team are sick with colds. Prayer for renewed strength and energy as we finish.
We have discovered that two young girls have been suffering abuse from their mother. Pray that she will see the light of the Lord and these girls will know the refuge and love of the Lord.
Those who have come to know the Lord and continued discipleship through the local church.
That we finish our time here well!
Teresa White

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