Buenos dias!

We are currently finishing up our debrief time and heading to the airport in a few hours to fly to Lima and then back to the states. The last twenty four hours have been a sweet time of fellowship, reflection and of course, tons of fun!! Yesterday we took the students to a surprise trip to a nature preserve/zoo and saw all the animals we didn´t get to see in the wild, like pygmy monkeys, tapirs, capyburas, and my personal favorite, the ocelot. It was super fun! Then we enjoyed one last peruvian lunch, and headed to a traditional artisan market to pick up some last minute souvenirs of our trip.

In the evening we had a time of reflection, thanksgiving and prayer, giving God thanks for all he has done in the past three weeks and choosing how we will go home. It was an awesome time and I feel so blessed to have been a part of your amazing kids´ lives the past three weeks. Thank you for letting them go and come on this amazing adventure into God´s creation and His heart. We are confident that what we have done here in Peru will not return void but will be an expansion of God´s love and grace to all the people we have met.

Today we are flying to Lima and then this evening onto fort lauderdale and atlanta. Yay for super fun airport-airplane time!

Prayers for safe travel, favor in customs, and good attitudes are much appreciated. Thanks for being awesome and supportive. Your students are so excited to see you in a couple of days.