African Beauty

 When I first thought of Uganda I thought dusty, dry, rocky roads. When I finally arrived I was astonished by all the beautiful greenery and lush trees. There are so many different trees and plants. This place is simply beautiful, quite possibly the prettiest place on earth. Uganda could very well be Eden. I have the best team in the world, amazing leaders, wonderful people surrounding me, and two pet monkeys. What more do I need?! We have done a lot of amazing things! We have visited a lot of primary schools and danced, sang, and played games with the kids. We visited a baby orphanage where we changed diapers, washed clothes, and held the babies. We also went to talk to high school students and we went door-to-door and prayed for people. And then today we went to clear a well in the village. It was a lot of hard work but we made the best if it…. Bugs and all. I’ve made amazing friends and met awesome kids and babies that I want to take home with me.  Now when I think of Uganda I think beautiful, smiling faces, and loving people. God is Good!! 

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