Back from the River

We all made it back to Nauta in one piece, safe and sound!  Probably the majority of everyone’s stories will come from these past 6 days; we had quite the adventure along the river.

Florida, the first village we visited was absolutely beautiful, except for the mosquitoes. The Pastor and the all the children welcomed us and taught us a wonderful Spanish song–something along the lines of flying like an eagle and jumping like a lamb.  I don’t know what it all translates out to but we had a great time singing it multiple times a day.  We spent most of the time playing with the kids, and in the evenings we worshiped and shared our stories together in the church.  The church in Florida was very encouraged by our visit and sad to see us go.  They also blessed us with a baby hawk when we left, which we will be leaving in the care of our translator, Daniel. 🙂

Cedar Island was a different story.  The people were very closed off and the many of the Christians who lived there were discouraged.  So when we first arrived we just started singing, praising and worshiping God and He began to fill us with so much joy. It was awesome.  Slowly but surely the people began to open up and a few of the ladies there invited us to play volley ball with them.  As we played volleyball the entire village watched us, and after about 10 minutes just about everyone was laughing and having a great time.  That night at church we shared some testimonies and sang a couple songs.  Then we recapped the day and went to bed singing.  The next morning we visited some of the houses and listened to the stories of the people who lived there.  We had the opportunity to encourage them, love them, and pray with them.  Then we had another wonderful church service in the evening.

So now we are back in Nauta, tomorrow we will visit some of the friends we’ve made here and pack up to leave for Iquitos Thursday morning.  In Iquitos we’ll be visiting a zoo and going to the market.  We’ll stay the night there in a hotel and then we’ll leave for the good ol’ U.S. of A. on Friday!

Thank you all for your prayers and support!

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