Last night the team arrived in Ollante after a five hour trip. We think it’s spelt O-L-L-A-N-T-E because a women wrote it in the mud for them, however…each time it’s spelt differently! You most likely won’t find it on a map. The team is currently staying at a place 10 feet off the Amazon River. Under their temporary abode, there are still pools of water. Looking out you can see 20-30 handmade canoes. Team leaders Ami and Emily who are passing along the updates today…say it’s a beautiful picture. Yesterday on their trip, they stopped at a village where they saw a fresh tiger skin sitting in the sun. The team is enjoying the sights and sounds.

Today’s ministry will include the door to door this morning followed by children’s programs in the afternoon and church tonight. They continue to have church services just about every evening in which everyone has had a chance at some point to share their testimonies or teach! Everyone is participating and one gal from the team who speaks some Spanish, is translating for the group.


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