The Amazon team called today. After a long 36 hour trip up the river they arrived at their first ministry location. The time on the barge was used to catch up on rest from travel, build team unity, spend time in discipleship, and good worship time. 

While on the river the team has been spending time getting to know their host Pastor Jorge. He has been sharing his story with the team and getting them ready for ministry.

The first day of ministry was fist spent by an hour hike into the jungle tFrom 08pe0614amb1.myadventures.orgo get the village of San Antonio. The team spent three hours doing VBS ministry with the Children of the village. In the evening they led a church service where six of the team members were able to pray with about half of the people in the church for various health needs.

The team also got to play in a massive soccer game with the children in the village. The team’s leaders said that the team is continuing to build community and everyone has great attitudes.

Everyone is healthy and well rested right now. They have asked for continued prayers for the team and the people that they are ministering too.