Well, to tell the truth, not much has changed since the last blog. It´s the last day at each of our locations tomorrow, and that has been going great! The Peruvians are taking over more and more of the responsibility, and they are doing a great job. We have our free day on Sunday, and then it´s off to the jungle on Monday! We will be writing a blog on Sunday detailing a little more how that will look.

For now, we thought we´d let the kids do most of the talking this time. Here goes…

Chloe- I miss you guys! How is the team doing in Jo´s? I got sick like I predicted! I threw up in the middle of the night, but I´m perfectly fine now. I don´t eat my favorite pancakes anymore! Love you!

Lakin- Hey Momma and Dad! Miss you all so much! Bad news…I´ve decided I want to live in Peru! Hope things are going great at home! Momma, text the girls and everone and tell them I miss them and will see them soon and I love them! Dad, let everyone know at church that our ministry is going great here! Love you all and I´ll see you soon! Keep praying! Love you!

Sophia- Hey Mommy! I think of you so often and miss you a lot! I love you so much! Can´t wait to go to the jungle Monday! Everything is going great so don´t worry! I looooove you! Praying for grandma and uncle eddy and you!

Ashley- Dear family/ Mom, Dad, Matthew and Taylor. I´ve learned so much since I´ve been here and I love it sooo much. It´s going to be really hard to leave since I´m so used to it here but I can not wait to see you all. Love you guys sooo much. xoxoxoxoxo Love, Ashley.

Ben- Dear Mom, Dad, Aaron, Caleb and Sophia, I love you all very much. I just want to let you know that I´m learning a lot this trip and growing a lot spiritually. I miss you all and I hope you´re having fun with the Quinlan being in town and for the 4th of July.

Megan- Hey Mom, Dad and family, I miss you all soo much, but I´m having a blast! The people here are nice, and I love my team! We get along so well together. The kids here are savage, but I love them. They literally mob you, tackle you to the ground and pull your hair out of love, of course. We leave for the jungle Monday! Send everyone my love and blessings! P.S. There are giant silverfish here.

Shosh- Hey Mom, Dad, Zoe (squish), Polie, Evil and Bug! Miss you all a lot! Only 2 weeks until I´m home. Hope HS camp went great. Hope Dad is doing well as the new town attorney! Sad that I missed cousins camp. Wish Savannah and Natalie H a late happy birthday. So we leave for the jungle on Monday and will be spending 8 hours on a boat. Saw some interesting things last night like a tarantula. Scary! Miss you all bunches. Tell everybody I love them and enjoy reading waht they wrote me. Think that´s it. Love you!

Chris-Hey Mom, Dad, Rachel and everyone. Love you and talk to you soon!

Ryan- Actually Ryan can´t talk right now. He´s still scared speechless by the tarantula last night. As soon as he can speak again and gets some color back in his face, he´ll have a comment for the next blog.

As you can see, the kids are having a blast and learning lots (whether it be the Spanish word for chocolate or how God is moving in Peru) and definitely looking forward to our trip down river. A few prayer requests…

Continued safety and health. A few sunburns and a couple upset stomachs, but everyone is quite healthy here, contrary to how the last blog sounded (I am not on my deathbed, obviously…haha).

Finishing VBS strong here this week.

Focus for next week´s jungle trip.

That we would squeeze every ounce of life out of every moment.

Thanks for praying all!