Our time in the Dominican has been different..  We have been working with a woman that is set in the ways she does her ministry and already has it some what established.  Her heart is great and she loves to share The Gospel with children.. 

We join her in her ministry everyday and make ourselves available to her for whatever need she has.  Basically, up to this point we have played with a lot of kids.. We love kids and we love playing with kids. 

However, we would love to be ¨doing¨ the spiritual ministry side of things and so as a team we have found ourselves a bit discouraged.  We want to be leading the Gospel presentation and talking to kids about the love of Jesus.. Not just playing with them.  

This trip has been all about us learning to let go of  ¨control¨and learning what it looks like to just be in the moment and make ourselves available even if it doesn´t look like what we expected.  God is teaching us things about ourselves and our personalities in this.  It is good. 

With only 3 days of ministry left in San Juan, we are excited to finish strong and are being open to whatever He has for us in these last few days.