Day 1, San Juan

First day in San Juan. Today is the 22nd and it was our fist day in San Juan. It was a little slower start than we expected but was nice because it gave us some time to rest after our 18 hours of travel to get here. We spent the morning praying and walking around the town visiting with kids,  and after lunch we prepared a little for children’s ministry that we will be doing in a couple days. In preparation we wrote a drama/ bible story, and Christina and Morgan  spent a while translating it while the rest of us figured out games and songs. In the afternoon we went to our Pastors house which had been flooded by the rains, and washed out the mud from all the rooms. Kayli and Nikki were super fast to go and clean up the master bed room and Brittany worked on getting all of it from the living room out of the house. It was a day of watching our work come to fruition, and it is a GREAT way for all of us to start the DR. All of the girls are talking about how much they love the culture and people. We are all happy to be here and I will update again soon.

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