Stray Dogs and Prayer Walks

Today was our first full day in Mexico. We began our prayer walks a little skeptical. Immediately we began a new journey of spiritual growth. A major encouragment to us blessing this community. We met an old lady named Mariah at the shopping center. She expressed to us her pride and joy about young people preaching the word of God, and her own strong relationship with God. 

Mariah told us how she accepted Jesus as her savior, she was no longer sick when she began her walk with God. It was a blessing to see her strong faith, and we believe it to be a great encouragement and gave us hope, that our work here is influential. She was blessing us.

Another interesting thing; The diversity in the people compared to the people in the United States. When we prayer walked through the ‘colonia’ we’re able to walk right up to the childen and there families. We were welcomed and they were hospitable to us, as opposed to what we’ve seen in America. American’s we know to be constantly suspicous around their children.

We were able to successfully invite many childen to our VBS that will start tomorrow morning. We are all exited to start tomorrow! We can’t wait to see how God works in the children and families in this ‘colonia’

Louis Olson would like to share one thing before bedtime. “One of our leaders thought a native tree was growing poop.” Buenas Noches Amigo’s

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