This past week has been such a busy week for our team with a VBS in a trailer park everyday this week, passing out flyers (literally hundreds of them) door to door inviting people to the rallys going on all over town, bagging rice and beans to give out at those rallys, deepening our relationships with the kids from Church of Acts, continuing our treasure hunts at the local mall, 2 hour prayer meetings, worship and ministering to people at a park, awesome worship nights with the team in our chapel at home, and learning many lessons from the Lord.

Last night, we had a rally at the Way of the Cross warehouse and then decided that the Lord wanted us to go back to the park that we had been to once before to worship and see what God had planned. Many of us talked to different people last night but I personally was able to meet a beautiful lady named Lydia who wore a spongebob shirt. This woman told Nolan and I part of her life story filled with constant hurt and struggles that she faces day to day and in her past. She told us that she has been living out on the streets for 2 years now, and before being homeless, she was in an abusive relationship that hurt her in so many ways. She told us a story that broke my heart about how her daughter stabbed the other brother and then tried to hang herself but thankfully failed. Lydia has a total of 5 kids that she doesnt get to see since they are all in foster care and she has no way of providing for them. Nolan and I got to talk to her about trusting God in every situation, and we prayed blessings over her and her relationship with Christ. There is so much to say about what I learned from our conversation with this woman last night, but most importantly I thank the Lord for the opportunity to share the love of Christ with her.

We only have 6 short days left here in the valley, and we are exicted to see what else God will do with us! Thanks for all your prayers!

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