Agua Frescas

Being in Matamoros the past few days has really been incredible. The Lord has placed a lot of different ministry opportunities in front of us and we are excited about getting involved in them. 
Day 1 (Tuesday) we got to drive around and see a little bit of the city. We visited a few poor neighborhoods called colonias and a few churches. It was really shocking to our team to see the poverty and devastation within these communities. The rain has hit some of the homes really hard causing roofs to blow off and flooding to occur. 
Day 2 (Wednesday) The Lord led us to visit a woman in her home, Martha. There was a lot of grief and depression within the home because her husband had passed away 3 months ago. It was really God’s perfect timing that we came on that day because she had said it was one of her worst days and she felt so alone; She had been praying for something to remind her she wasn’t. We had the opportunity to pray for her and worship in her home. By the end of our visit we were laughing together and felt like family. 
Later that night we helped out at a colonia feeding at a local church. 
Day 3 (Thursday) We really had an amazing morning filled with worship. After, we visited a rehabilitation center for alcohol and drug addicts. During our visit, we got to listen to their testimonies and how the Lord has changed their lives. We also got the chance to share a little bit of our lives, a few verses and just an opportunity to encourage them. We really seemed to build meaningful relationships with them and are looking forward to going back to serve them.

We are continuing to grow closer as a team and closer to the Lord by being here. We are seeking after what the Lord has for us here and following where He leads us. Pray for further guidance, growth in our relationship with each other and the Lord, and continued good health. 

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