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This week has really been a great one! On Monday we got to go to Linda’s, a children’s home that we have visited before, and work on some construction and hang out with the kids. The kids there speak a little English, so it’s fun to get to talk to them and play with them. 
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday morning we got to minister in the colonial we’ve been living in and we did a VBS for the kids here. We had a good time building relationships with them…they’re really full of energy! Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon we went back to the colonial, invasion, that we visisted earlier in the month and finished handing out some roofing tiles and praying with families. We have really grown to love the people there…
This afternoon we spent some time together alone and as a team praying and talking about the things the Lord has done in our lives.  

From 10ma0630amb5.myadventures.org
The rain was no obstacle for Team Mexico

From 10ma0630amb5.myadventures.org
Bob Esponga, Team Mexico’s mascot….

We’re praying for everyone at home and looking forward to seeing everyone soon! Continue to pray for our last week…that our goodbye’s will be sweet and debrief will be good! We can’t seem to imagine not waking up to each other every morning…we’re enjoying our last few days together. 

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