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We had a really restful weekend and got to enjoy the ocean a whole lot. We started ministry on Monday morning with a trip to the Colonia, Invasion. We got to meet a lot of the families in the colonia and pray for some of their needs. There was a family in the colonia who had lost their children’s birth certificates in the floods. The picture above is of us presenting replacement birth certificates for their kids. The dad was so proud! 
Tuesday, we got to return to the same colonia bringing with us several gallons of clean drinking water. We prayed over the water and distributed it. Miles talked to the families about the living water that only God can provide. We’ll be returning today with some more water to bless the community with.
From 10ma0630amb5.myadventures.org

After our visits to the colonia we went to Pastor Moses’s church (a pastor who we love so much!) and held a VBS for the kids. We’ve really enjoyed making relationships with the kids there and getting to love on them a little bit.
We’re continuing to grow closer as a team. We’ve been given opportunities to step up and out of our comfort zones and it’s exciting to the see the Lord use that. We’ve started to go through the book of Ephesians in the evenings. The Lord has really shown us that it’s because of His grace that we’re here…
We’re excited about the rest of the week and what the Lord has in store! We’re praying for our families and friends back home and we miss you!

– Alexandra, Sally, Jocelyn, Shneice, Miles, and Ana 

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