Shower Bugs and Market Rugs

Well, we are starting on our second week in Mexico and hoping for even greater blessings! After some downtime this weekend, team Chosen is ready for ministry these next three days. We visited a childrens. home Saturday, had a great time getting buckets poured on us, and new nicknames (ducks). Our guys got rocked in soccer games, but we rep’d for Jesus.

Sunday we split into groups and visited the marketplace, with all the unique stands in Matamoros. We visited a church service at night. That was definitly an experience, The people were very welcoming and charasmatic, and with a bit of help our team performed our “Drime” presentation “Into the Light.”

On a side note; back at the gateway we found a snake climbing a tree. There was a debate as to what kind of snake it was after the freaking out was over. The giant toad outside the boys dorm may meet our new snake friend. The bugs in the shower are becoming a little less bloodthirsty, either that…or we have just adapted to them being there.

All creatures aside we look forward to this coming week!

In a candid interview one team member was asked, “What do you hope for the most this week?” In response she said, “Caffeine! Definitely Caffeine!” With that and prayer we’ll have a successful closing week to our mission trip.

Ms. Amy Charles

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