Open the Floodgates of Heaven

Well, our humble abode is now shared not only with 9 residents, but also 36-something other residents until the later end of next week. This week has been quite different yet also phenomenal. From Monday to Friday, we have been assisting with Vacation Bible School during the mornings. During the rest of the time, however, we’ve had “treasure hunts” around the mall, a two-hour, straight-up praise and prayer session comparable to the one at the International House of Prayer, acoustic worship sessions in the park during the night (which led to incredible conversations with men and women), Christian hip-hop concerts, followed by a surprise charismatic and bold preacher, a bunch of church services, and rallies leading to people falling on the ground overwhelmed with their love for God.

On Friday night (I guess this post will be focused on this), our team was asked to lead worship and perform our drama at this church service, which turned out to be a concert/rally – we had no idea what the Lord was going to do that night. At the end of the preacher’s message, he invited our team to come up to be prayed for, and that touched many hearts; after the rally, the floodgates of heaven opened within our hearts and people were trembling and wailing. For the longest time, we had no idea what had happened, but we finally understood that they simply couldn’t stop worshiping the Lord – rather, they were intentful on worshiping the Lord in spirit and in truth, which is what He commands of us in John 4:23-24. For three hours, we laid hands on those individuals, both teenagers and adults, who had fallen to the ground weeping because they couldn’t stop praising God.

From the time where our team was prayed for to when we left, many words of knowledge and prophecies were spoken over us and many prayers were lifted to the heavens. This made me really ponder about something: Are we really worshiping the Lord with all our hearts, or rather do we seem to worship God, but in reality we are not focused on Him? Are we willing to allow our worship to be whatever He desires or do we allow our setting or circumstances to hinder that?

Both the hearts of our team and the youth/adults were being stirred, refined, encouraged, and turned to the Lord; I indeed saw the floodgates of heaven opening that night all around me. However, this is not the end; greater things are yet to come because I know that the Lord still has more incredible things for this team and for this region. Nevertheless, I am awestruck at the work and just the sheer greatness of our GOD. I hope that the events of Friday night encourages our team to keep going and to finish the race strong. Please continue to pray for our ministry.

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