Today was our first day of VBS and what a success! We had fun with all kids that came, they were awesome! One of our team-mates got a flesh wound, but he’s bandaged, well and back with us tonight. We also had a prayer walk in a local “colonia” where our leader Naomi use to live. We split up into two groups and had “ATL” Ask The Lord time. Our group was praying for God to show us where he wanted us to go. We met six litle boys, and they led us to a VBS that they were having in the “colonia” that day. We met the women in charge, and she instantly invited us in to come in and help out with the kids. We were very grateful they had A/C inside! God really showed up today, and we can’t wait to see what he’s going to do for the rest of the trip!

p.s – Feliz Cumplea n’os Cameron!

– Bayli HIll