My visit with Martha yesterday was heartbreaking. Martha is a Mexican friend of mine from a few years ago when I used to live in Mexico. She can best be described as a sweet, motherly lady that always has an open door for the kids or families in the community. I first met her about 4 years ago when she stopped me on the street to ask me what I was doing walking past her house all the time. We instantly hit it off and I returned to visit her a few days later with someone who spoke better Spanish. With my friend translating she was able to communicate to me that she always saw me walking past her house so she started praying for me when she saw me. It was amazing to me that a Mexican woman who had no idea who I was would pray for me. After that visit we became friends and I continued to visit her for the next few years that I lived there.

Yesterday I was so excited to get back to her house and see her. I hadn’t seen her in two years. The last few months she had been popping in my head so I really wanted to visit her. My team and I showed up at her door. I yelled and she came out. The look on her face told me something was wrong. I went up to her and she fell into my arms crying. She started weeping so I asked her what was wrong. She said her husband was gone. In my mind I thought she meant he had left her for another woman or something. Then she continued on to tell me he had passed away two months before. I instantly knew that is why God had me thinking about and praying for her for the past two months.

We went inside her house and she began to tell me the story of what had happened. Her husband had taken his own life. The grandchildren were only told he had an accident. After a few minutes some of her grandchildren started coming out to see us. She stopped talking because she didn’t want to upset them. However because the team was there they were able to take the kids outside and start a soccer game. This created a safe place for her to share without her worrying about her grandchildren hearing. She was able to share what was on her heart. My translator and I were left to listen and minister to her as she spoke freely.

She shared every detail with us and we were able to speak life into her as she shared. It was a very emotional and personal experience. I felt we were God’s ambassadors as we listened and loved her. Through our team God was able to reach down and touch her.  It was an incredibly humbling experience. I realized God is the one who sent us to Mexico so He could show Martha just how much He loves her. He touched all of our hearts bringing us from an entirely different country and culture to reach her. He must love her a lot. I know us going to visit her was set up by God however that doesn’t make the situation easier. Please pray for her as we continue to visit and minister to her.    

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