Yesterday we visited with the children again. It went so much better than the chaotic first day and was really fun. We sang songs, musical chairs, danced, wrote with chalk under the shelter as it poured down rain, played with crayons, playdough, and more. Courtney S found a friend named Uziel and they spun circles, tried to talk, and played in the rain with the sidewalk chalk. Tiana and Genesis ground up the chalk and Genesis would giggle as they slapped their hands on the wooden shelter leaving handprints everywhere. The afternoon was nice too. We did take a little nap since we have been getting up around 6am every morning. We bought a special treat for the ladies, ice cream. They rarely get it and we enjoyed it as well. It is very humid and pretty warm here and rains everyday. After the ice cream we shared testimonies. Courtney S started us off and the ladies shared with us too. Afterwards we just prayed for those who had needs. It was really sweet. We had an evening mostly for our team and wanted to start on a prayer walk. We walked all the way to the front door before we had a chance to pray for Marista. She had left the shelter earlier because she wanted to go back to the normal life. Tess and Becky were there to pray for her and brought it to the group to pray that she would return. Thank God he brought her back that night. As we all prayed she still planned on leaving but we found out this morning she has decided to stay. Thank God for an answered prayer. Baldeo means a really deep cleaning of the facility that they do monthly. You should have seen Haley and Megan scrubbing down the kitchen. Don’t worry we have photos. The rest of them mopped, swept, scrubbed walls and baseboards, cleaned bathrooms and more. Surprisingly they actually enjoyed it and learning how to clean. The girls are in beauty parlor now. No boys allowed.