Going on a mission trip with such a huge group showed me just how important community is. Our group of 28 has grown to more of a family than a community. It allows us to openly talk to each other, immediately help others, and just limits the stress a lot. Anything or anywhere that God is working in, He uses the body of Christ. I realized that everyone has a role in this. Together we build up God’s army, and that is an amazing feeling. Realizing other people’s spiritual gifts and also finding my own. With this knowledge we have persevered through a lot and we have seen those gifts bless many people. Our group is based on these foundations and made this trip the best it could be.           -Meagan Edwards

I’ve been learning how although we are serving the people in Puerto Rico, much of our ministry can also entail serving, loving, and pouring into the other team members. Before we look out with distant vision, which is often what we focus on in ministry, we need to be aware of those around us-the hurts and joys of our team. God has been teaching me that loving a person doesn’t depend or is influenced by their personality, character, annoying traits, or harsh qualities. How we love others is rooted in God alone. When we are whole heartedly and passionately loving our God we cannot help pouring into the lives of others. Our focus should remain on God and all else will follow.                 -Chelsea Van Essen
What I’ve learned about a community and the body of Christ is that we have to work together for the Lord, building each other up. The community, well there are so many beautiful wonderful Christian guys (MEN). They amaze me. Just how they worship and show God. Girls here are also beautiful. I’ve always struggled with girls but they lift you up and show God loves in wonderful ways. I have grown to love them and we’re all very blessed.       -Laquinta Fitzgerald