The Last Few Miles

Sanibonani (hello in Siswati)! 
This week has been full of God’s blessings.  He has been meeting all of us here in new ways and creating in our hearts a greater faith and love of Himself.  Every night this past week,  the team has been attending revival prayer meetings taking place at our host church.  These meetings have been a refreshing time with much singing, teaching, and fellowship in the Spirit.  Quite a few of the students have offered to share some testimonies, or short God stories from their lives at these meetings.  It is such a blessing to see how God has used them to bless the people here as well as our team.
We are getting ready and excited for our time at debrief where we can relax and reflect.  It is our prayer however, that we stay strong in our last days of ministry- it is often easy to “check out” spiritually and in ministry in the last week.  Please pray for perseverance as we finish things up!  
Since the trip is coming to a close, communication will be more sparse, but please continue to pray diligently for us however the LORD leads you to pray!
And thank you all again and again and again for all your prayers and support!  
God bless you,
~Swazi Leaders 

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