Expectation vs Reality

Coming into this trip I had a ton of expectations. I thought that my focus would be entirely on loving all the people in Swaziland, but God had something different in mind. God changed my focus from being on others to being on myself.  God has shown me that it’s okay to be broken and to not have everything figured out. I am the type of person put smile on my face even if everything is going wrong, and pretend everything is okay. God showed me that that it is not necessary to do this and that it’s okay to be broken. God showed me that no matter how broken I am, he will still love me.  Being here, I have started to see the true meaning of brokenness.  To see children that are in such bad situations and all they want is your love is truly heartbreaking to me.  I feel like this relates to how God sees us. God sees how broken we are, even when we don’t show it on the outside, and all he wants to do is love us. So now, my job is to allow God to love me on a deeper level, and then pass that love to the children.

Written by: Hannah

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