Team Swazi Update

We just spoke with the team leaders and wanted to pass along a quick update on the team.  Internet in Swaziland has been very difficult lately.  It’s either down altogether or it’s so slow that it becomes impossible to post a blog.  But the leaders will continue to try to post blogs. 

For now they wanted you guys to know that things are going great there.  The team is doing really well together and they’re loving ministry.  Yesterday they were at a local hospital praying for patients and during this time they met some American missionaries who have invited them to a church service tonight.  They’re excited about spending some time with them and seeing what God is doing through their long-term ministry in Swaziland.  The team has also been doing ministry out at the carepoint and really love that!  They are of course falling in love with all the children and loving on the hundreds of orphans in Swaziland. 

Hopefully they will be able to find decent internet where they can post more blogs soon.

Ambassador Field Support Team

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