Hello friends and family of our Peruvian warriors! Yesterday we wrapped up our ministry time in Nauta and made the drive to our debrief location of the capitol of the jungle, Iquitos! Everyone was so overjoyed to have a cold shower, real beds, Chinese food for lunch and cereal for dinner.
On Monday night our students had a really unique opportunity to meet up with the Real Life Peru team who had just come back from two months up river. After going to English class one last time, our students joined the Real Life team in worship. Dillon had  a great perspective on the whole experience which I will type on his behalf:
for one thing the real life team invited us into their worship which was something they really did not have to do. And we were already so thankful that they had invited us into their family. So when worship began it started out really quiet, but everyone was still really into it. and as it progressed people started banging on water jugs and anything else they could find to use as an instrument. And like our whole team we were all screaming and shouting out all the songs we had inside of us. A lot of people were walking around giving words of encouragement from God to other people. And then suddenly as the service began to wind down, the Real Life team invited us to stand in the middle so they could pray over all of us. The leaders were in the middle and then our team circled up around them, and the real life team around us. While they were praying for us we could feel the presence of God so closely, it was crazy! After they finished praying for us we sat around talking for a bit and someone randomly looked at their watch only to discover that we had just been worshiping God for three hours straight. so we all started going back to our bunks since everyone was so exhausted from praising God so intensely. It was Awesome!

As a leader it was so stellar watching everyone really step into God´s presence and just let Him wash all over them. It was really really epic.
So today we will take the Students around the city to do some sight seeing and such and then tonight really commission them out of this season and into the next. We are so grateful for your support and prayers. Your sons and daughters are amazing and are growing ever deeper in their walk with God!
We fly out tomorrow to begin our journey back to the States. We should be in ATL by the 22 at which point we hope to post some pictures via the high speed internet :).

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