Faith Like a Chhild

The Lord gave our team an amazing glipse of the sacrifice he made for us today.  This morning we were working at a new site to build a missionary base for the pastors of Nauta.  Pastor William had several boards for us to bring up from the bottom of a very steep hill that winded around several houses.  As we were looking at the pile of boards and the amount of workers it seemed almost impossible.  We began slowly moving the heavy boards up the hill 2 at a time.  Our backs were beginning to ache and our shoulders were sore.  The whole way up the hill we were praying “Lord let you be glorified in this, may the people see you and not us through our work.”  After our 3rd or 4th trip down we came around the corner and saw 20 to 25 children spread out across the hill carrying boards up for us,  a group of about 4 kids had a board and they each had a huge smile on their face the whole time.  It filled my heart with Joy! 
  After we brought the last board up we sat in the shade and Pastor William shared an message with us that I know I will never forget.  He said when we were carrying our boards up the hill it reminded him of Christ.  Christ had to carry his cross the way that we were carrying the boards.  Today we got to feel what he felt and see a tiny glimpse of the sacrifice he made.  Pastor William continued speaking and he told us to look at the Children.  He said that no one had asked the kids to help they just came willingly on their own with joyful hearts!  It was exactly what Christ meant when he said we could come to him with the faith of a Child.  It was beautiful.