Great Craic in Ireland

Hey everyone!
no, im not doing crack in ireland….its their phrase for having a great time! anyways, today is one week away from our journey home so please keep us in prayer! I’ve learned a lot such as how to be open to different ministries and allow God to move me in any way He plans.  I have learned flexibility, joy, love, and even new cultures. Life is good always…remember that. I miss everyone back home and anticipate seeing each and everyone of you! Moma and popa thanks for allowing me and supporting me to come here! its amazing and ive learned alot and i hope you  have seen many pics from kyles facebook! but i have many to show too! My group and leaders are truly amazing and they are the best family to have here in the beautiful country of ireland! i miss you all and to my family, church, and great friends- thanks for the prayers and i miss ya’ll tons! as i wrote that, my friend from new york laughed at me because i put ya’ll haha! but anyways…we will be traveling a lot this week and doing street evangelism so keep us in prayers and we are starting our flights saturday! and traveling wed or thurs! i can’t wait to see ya’ll! I’m homesick but God is doing great things here and i am sooooooo thankful I have been chosen to expand God’s kingdom and even though we all stumble, God’s grace and love is always there! I miss ya’ll and will be home next weekend! i can’t wait =) LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!
Be Joyful Always. -1 thessalonians 5:16!
From our kids camp this past week that went amazing:
God is always a part of your family! see ya’ll sunday!

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