18 Things to Do While 18

Hey everyone.

This past weekend was my 18th birthday and I’m honoring it with a blog post of 18 things to do in the next year. The symbolism of spending my 18th birthday in Ireland, away from my parents and my home, is not lost on me. I am incredibly thankful to have this opportunity to further the Kingdom and explore a new part of the world. May this be the first adventure of many. 

18 things to do while I’m 18…

1. Buy a plane ticket to somewhere I really want to do.

2. Graduate high school.

3. Try 18 new foods.

4. Get a tattoo.

5. Buy something off an infomercial. 

6. Learn to play the guitar. 

7. Register to vote.

8. Hang glide off Lookout Mountain.

9. Get my braces off.

10. Hand Write letters. 

11. Learn how to roll a kayak.

12. Act spontaneously.

13. Get my belay certification.

14. Reconnect with old friends.

15. Get my nose pierced.

16. Road trip with friends.

17. Buy a stranger coffee.

18. Do things that make me uncomfortable. 


Cheers to the best year yet!


From ireland.myadventures.org



We’re sorry we’ve been missing in action this week when it comes to blogs!
Madyson has one in the making that will be posted tomorrow!
And get ready for the rest to be posting this next week too. 

We are having a grand ol time.
The Lord is doing stuff…
In huge and tiny ways. 
Off to Cork City tomorrow for a youth event this weekend…
Then to Dublin for some sightseeing and debriefing and then we will be homebound!


-Ruth and Emmaly 

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