The Emerald City

Greetings from Ireland!  


Our time is flying by and we all love being immersed in the culture here!

Recently, we have helped paint the drop in center a variety of bright colors!  This has been a great opportunity to work alongside the youth that come and paint with us.  


There are two different youth groups that we have had the blessing of spending time with.  One night this week we played games,ate snacks, and Elisa had an opportunity to share some of her story and what God is doing in her life.  


The other youth group took us put-put golfing, out to pizza, and then back to the gym for snacks and games.  Micah, Elisa, and Mikayla all got to share with the girls from the Church about beauty, image, and how God values and loves them.


We have been so blessed by both of the Churches and feel so honored by all they have done for us since we have been here.


When we are not working with the youth our time is spent practicing skits with puppets for Sunday kids services (Ruth and Andrew are teaching us), praying for the town of Buncrana, Laughing, Fun team time, Listening to the Lord for encouraging words, drinking A LOT of tea, and the girls personal favorite…Thrift Shopping.


Thanks for all your support and prayer.  

Please pray for Buncrana and a revival within the youth.

Strength and blessing for Andrew and Ruth.

Joy joy joy in our team so that we can spread the joy of the Lord to all we meet.



Mikayla..nickname KayKay says:  I miss you all in Cali and love you bunches.  I love wearing welly boots (rain boots). Im having a grand time painting the drop in with brilliant colors of purple, blue, green, and red!  


Elisa…nickname LayLay says:  Hey everyone I am having a grand time. God is doing amazing things and I can not wait to see what else he has in store for the rest of the week.  I also love our puppet work.


Micah…nickname MiCo says:  Really excited about all the relationships God is building.  Can not wait to see how else He is going to work through our last week.  Love and miss you all!


Love, Rachel 🙂

The girls painting the Drop in Center
From ireland-hs.adventures.org

Practicing for our puppet show for Church service! 
From ireland-hs.adventures.org

Micah with some of the girls from Youth Group playing games!
From ireland-hs.adventures.orgR

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