Greetings from Ireland!
Our time here these past 5 days have been going really good. We are currently working with two churches, putting on a VBS program and helping with the Sunday service. Wednesday we will be wrapping up our VBS with the church in Skerries and we will then start the VBS program with the church in Sutton (this is the church that we are staying at). The team has been doing great with the VBS and they are really enjoying it. We started our VBS on Friday and only had 4 children and yesterday it grew to 11! The team has taught them memory verses and silly songs that will stick in their head. The kids love the songs and it has been a joy to see them! The Lord is doing amazing work in the lives of the kids at VBS as well as the lives of our team.
One Sunday we took part in the church service at both churches. Some of the team went to the church in Skerries and helped out with scripture readings and also did a small Sunday school for the children. The others stayed back and lead the whole entire church service for Sutton. It was a great experiance in both churches. The people were so friendly and encouraging and it really comforted our team. God has given us great relationships here in Ireland and they are relationships that won’t be forgotten.
On Tuesday July 1st we will be saying goodbye to our friends here in Sutton and Skerries and we will be moving on to Athlone and Carlow. We will be working with Operations Mobolization and partnering up with another church in Carlow. Please keep the team in your prayers as we move from one place to the next. In this process we have been able to build up great friendships and relationships with the people here in Sutton and Skerries and we will be saying goodbye to them and going to make more friendships and relationships in Athlone and Carlow.
Thank you so much for your prayers for the team. We are feeling them every day. Please be in prayer right now for health on the team because some are feeling tired and they are getting colds. Everyone is doing great, just the change in time and the change in weather as well is changing the way that some of us our feeling right now. Thanks again for your prayers!