A Week of Ministry

We have been here in the DR ministering for almost a week and have seen the Lord move and have been able to bring His love to the people of San Juan.  The Girls are doing great and are learning new things everyday and diving into ministry.  Below are a couple stories from them about our time here.
“The VBS has been going really well.  We have done it right outside of our front dorr in the middle of the street and at a little church in the town of Mogollon.  The kids are full of excitement and we love playing with them and sharing with them Gods love.”
“We got to visit a nursing hom,e and share our love with the folks. A few girls talked to an old blind man, Carlos who was paralyzed on half of his body.  The others played Dominos.  The people that were there were so happy to have visitors.  [The folks who live here are those who their families don´t want to take care of anymore.  The are not loved like they should be.]” 
                                                                                                         —-Candace Pifer
“In Door to Door ministry we have been loving  on the people of Mogollon.  During ministry one  day we came across an elderly man who was extremely sick and confined to a wheel chair.  The sight was heartbreaking but we brought the joy of the Lord and prayed over him.  The next day we returned to see his movement had improved and he was saying he was feeling better.  I was extremely encouraged by this answer to prayer.  The man, Hector, and his wife, Ramona, both prayed for salvation through Jesus and it was beautiful.  We passed out the medicine we had brought and left the couple with songs praising God.  I will always remember their smiles and the blessing they were to me.  Pray for  more opportunities to shine love.”
                                                                                                          —-Ashley Williams
Please continue to pray for us.  For unity as a team, good rest, safety in travel [Sunday we will be heading ot the mountians for 12 days] and the the Lords love will shine thru us and into the dominicans the we minister to.
With Christs love,
The DR AMB Team leaders.
P.S. The girls all say Hi and that they wish they could blog but know they are all doing good and are loving it here.  We will try to blog as much as we can but it is limited.

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