Let the Hills Hear Your Voice

Here what the LORD says: Arise, plead your case before the mountains, and let the hills hear your voice.” – Micah 6:1


It is hard to believe a week has already passed since the eleven of us started out on this crazy journey the LORD called each one of us on. Training camp was exactly what each of us needed before we left for the beautiful country we are now calling home for the next few weeks, and though we have only been here four days, God has already done so much.


We are staying in the small village of Drimoleague, Ireland at the most picturesque campsite I have ever seen. The rolling hills that the Emerald Isle is so famous for surrounds us on all sides. There are shades of green that just cannot be described, and pictures do the scenery no justice.


From ireland.myadventures.org


God is real here, and I am not saying that He was not back home, but everywhere I have been looking these last few days I see him. From the old stone architecture and the country hillsides, to the smiling faces of the kids at the Drimoleague Vacation Bible School program we have been helping with the last couple of days, I see God’s love for His creation. One of my teammates Erin said upon arrival, “Guys, God did not have to give us this.” and she was so right. God did not have to give us all this beauty, but He did. He did not have to care about how we are feeling, and yet He does.


It is no secret that Ireland is not your typical mission trip. Each one of us received

inquisitive looks when we would first started to explain where we would be spending the majority of July 2014. It is a first world country, and physically most of us are not suffering, but there is definitely a need for The Gospel here.


Although we are not physically being stretched and challenged, it has been on all of our hearts to ask God to stretch and challenge us spiritually, and yesterday He gave me the bible verse in my quiet time that I started out this blog post with. It initially stuck out because of what it says on mountains and hills, since everywhere I look I see just that, but as I dug deeper God showed me more than just the surface value of Micah 6:1.


Ireland is thirsty for a revival. I have felt God saying such long before this past week, but as I meditated on this verse I felt Him telling me to not take on the task of bringing the revival, but to ask Him to take control. Because on my own

I can do absolutely nothing. Even my whole team can do nothing on our own,

but through Him the change will come.


Look among the nations, and see; wonder and be astounded. For I am doing a work in your days that you would not believe if told.” – Habakkuk 1:5


Like I said earlier, God is real and evident here; which means He is already in Ireland. I am so excited for whatever He has in store for the rest of our time here. So this is me, pleading my case before the hills and mountains…

Lord, bring revival to the hills of Ireland.


– Mikayla

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