Daily Schedule

It’s Tuesday morning. Our seventh so far. The sun is shining and there are team members spread around the house journaling, reading and listening to music. Its our hour set apart for quiet time after breakfast and showers. After this we’ll debrief our quiet time to see what God has revealed to each of us. It’s a powerful time when our joy, insecurities, hurts and excitement get voiced. When we pray over hurtful memories or feelings about who we are. Where we, as a team, teach each other how God sees us, instead of what the world sees. After this, we are ready to share life every day with the kids at the drop in centre. The past two days where a little out of routine. We spent Sunday at two different church services, with a break spent touring the beautiful Kilkenney Castle. The evening service was especially moving. We had a chance to worship with a hundred or so American teenagers as the founder of the drop in centre program lead worship. It was, for all of us, one of the most God filled sessions we’ve experienced. And then we found God in nature. At the amazing Mahon Falls. We spent three hours hiking and enjoying one of the most beautiful natural sites. We would post pictures but are unable to do so from our iPad, and, as I’ll write later, our computers and cameras are begin hit hard. Pray for the following: Toni’s computer and camera- Both are being hit by spiritual attacks. Internal parts have shifted. Batteries have died, despite using the appropriate cords and converters. It’s very discouraging for this to happen. Team unity- Our second week of time in Ireland will be full. We need grace and love to make sure everything gets done. Wisdom- For the team to be filled with discernment. Energy- God has answered prayers for energy. Despite a series of long days, we’re still excited and have enough for each day. Pray that this continues.

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