It seems like every country I travel to, the children have a saying that goes along with their country.  In Nairobi, Kenya it was “Mzungu, Mzungu, How are you? How are you?”  In Cebu they greeted us with a hand to the forehead and a “Hello Ate!” Here in Uganda, along with the Mzungu’s and the How are yous, the kids like to say Bye-eee, Bye-eee making a special emphasis on the eee :o)  It is, of course, very cute!

Well now it is our time to say Bye-eee and we will be off.  Today we are spending the day cleaning and debriefing as a team.  Tomorrow we will head to Jinja to do some shopping before we fly out of Entebbe at 11:30 pm.  We will be back on American soil on Thursday, and the students will head out on Friday!  Please pray for a safe journey.

We are excited to be going home to share all that the Lord has done in us and through us on this trip, but we are also sad to have to say Bye-eee.  Most of all, we are blessed that the Lord chose to use us in Bugiri, Uganda this summer to do his work.  What a wonderful and humbling job we had here, and the Lord has blessed it!

See you soon!