To be More Like Jesus.

Hey friends,
As my time in Uganda is coming to a close, I’ve realized what it means to be more like Jesus. I’ve learned what it means to talk like Jesus, walk like Jesus, love like Jesus.

Talking like Jesus is listening to a strangers life story. It’s telling them that we love them and care about them. It’s praying for them without ceasing.

Walking like Jesus is going an hour out of the way to share worship songs and God’s love with 1,600 kids. It’s going to different homes and  picking G-nuts out of the ground. It’s drawing water from a well a half mile away.

Loving like Jesus is letting grubby little hands touch you. It’s making silly faces and noises for the enjoyment of kids. It’s helping an older man and women make beans and posher for 100 kids. It’s going half way around the world, getting uncomfortable, diving into a different culture and way of life. It’s going through extreme struggles, and extreme joy. Loving like Jesus is the hardest thing that I have ever done, yet the most rewarding and the most life giving thing I have ever done.

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