Faith that Can Move Mountains

I guess I’ll start by first saying looking back on this trip so far I have absolutely LOVED it! So many things have happened and so many things God has done, but I’m gonna talk about some things God has physically done to show us his power through the faith we had to have.

Last week we decided to go the hospital to pray over the kids in the children’s ward and their families. We did one wing and then we went to the 2nd wing and sadly last for that day. As we prayed over these children with pneumonia, malaria, and all kinds of sicknesses I and several others on my team were reminded on how much we wanted to see God preform a physical miracle so we could see his almighty healing power that we believed in and was praying over children. We prayed and each time we prayed Gods healing power over the kid. I personally did not understand why God was not actually healing the kids right then and their, but we all kept pressing on knowing that God does heal people today!

As we were leaving the children’s ward to head back to our taxi/car one of our team members saw an older lady with a huge brain tumor, (and later we found out she had another huge tumor on her upper right arm), and our team member asked of we could stop and pray over her too. So we all gathered around her and started to pray. Once we were done some of the team left since it was time to go. I started to leave but felt like God say to pray over her again. I wasn’t gonna stay, cause of course stupid me didn’t have the courage. But my amazing bed buddy said, “No! God heals lets pray again!” So the remander of us did. Then that all happened a third time. We ended up being dragged away from the 4th round of prayer since we really had to go. But we left knowing the lady had faith and God would heal her in His timing.

Anyways, the night as I was reflecting I had a hard timing not doubting Gods healing power. I had heard many stories from very close friends that I trusted about people being healed from pain, tumors, and much more. So I just tried to have Jesus renew me through his word, prayer, and music.

Two days later, last Sunday, during the church service Pastor got up and told us that the nurse who barley let us in to pray over the kids had called. She had said that three children who were terribly sick just got up and walked out healed the day after we prayed! God had actually physically healed these three kids through the prayers He had us pray. His Love and healing power had come through and even though we do not know if the older lady with tumors was healed we all believe she will be healed in his precious timing!

As I told my Mom and Dad this story over the phone on Saturday before I knew about them being healed they had encouraged me with story of when Jesus healed the Lepers by touch and that same healing touch is what God gave us, his disciples, to use. Just like when he used this power in his two disciples to make a lame man walk. We can physically touch the sick and through our faith and Gods healing power all the sick can be healed! God has made us all disciples and has given us all the healing power of Jesus Christ of Nazareth!

So we all are encouraged knowing that God does heal and he will use us little people in the middle of Africa to heal the broken hearted and the Physically ill. God is so good! And his power will last forever and forever; all you have to have is faith in Jesus!

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