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several of these notes from the girls have been written for over a week now… so much has transpired since then but they are still moving and relevant stories of what Jesus is doing. We are so sorry to have not been able to obtain access to the internet until now.
Blog by Christina:
Days have passed at a rapid pace and my heart’s desire has remained the same. This desire I hold deep within, is that God would break my heart for these desperate people. God has done more than that. Instead of breaking my heart He has renewed it.
The desperation these people have for our help is nothing but evident and all it’s truly done has made me reflect back on myself. Why is it that I’m so afraid to show my desperation for God? In so many ways these people have more courage than I. being here in Uganda is truly a blessing and for the next week I am going to learn from these people courage.
Before  coming on this trip I read a lot of books about poverty, watched movies about human trafficking, and heard news stories about corrupt officials. I knew many statistics and facts about issues plaguing  our world. However, since being in Uganda the issues have become personal.
God had previously broken my heart for the hungry and for the victims of injustice, but there’s nothing like being in the middle of all the brokenness. My heart is shattered at a new level when I sit with a child as they tell me about their parent dying from AIDs. I have to hold back tears while listening to a girl tell me she was brutally raped. I was broken when our team’s friend Jimmy was beaten trying to cross the border back into Uganda from Kenya. The Police were unjust and greedy and had no right to do what they did to him. Injustice and poverty now have faces for me.
I feel God calling me to spend my life changing the world. However I no longer think changing the world as one big task, but as reaching out to individuals one at a time.
Laura Linda:
Hi everyone! First of all I just wanted to say that I miss you all very much, I cannot wait to see you but I have absolutely fallen in love with the people here. Secondly, I would like to announce a wonderful victory of Jesus!
For those of you who have experienced the horror of “pit latrines” first hand, you’ll understand this a bit better, but for all the others… my description will have to suffice.
Pit latrines are the African substitute  for bathrooms, and they consist of a 30 ft deep hole with a concrete slab over the top surrounded by four rickety walls and an awkwardly hanging door. In the concrete slab there is a tiny hole through which one pees or otherwise. No seat, no flush, no ANYTHING. Just a hole to squat over. And on top of that, the giant African cockroaches love to hang out in there, along with spiders, ants, bats, and all sorts of other wonderful creatures. So overall, not a bvery pleasant experience. HOWEVER.. the God that I serve, the God that sent me here to Africa, and the God that conquered the grave is waaaaaay bigger than the massive mtant cochroaches, and He has totally conquered the fear inside of meJ. Jesus has victory over the bugs, and every time I go to the bathroom it is BUG FREE! Yay JSo anyway, |I appreciate all of your prayers, and I’ll see you all soon! Love you!
Whelp. I have absolutely fallen in love with this country, and I can’t choose a single story to tell you on here. So …. Basically I’m here to tell you that pretty much, I’m just not coming back- and I’m moving hereJLove and miss you all!
Editor’s note: I am bringing back the same eighteen girls I came over here with…. Even if I have to drag them home kicking and screaming….
Abigail Clark:
I came on this trip not knowing what to expect. I was unsure of what I would see, experience, and participate in. But once I arrived here; it was greater than I could have ever imagined. This impoverished country is full of loving beautiful children with heart wrenching stories. These people broke my heatrt with their pain and built me up with their faith. God is stretching, blessing, and growing me in Uganda. I’m so thankful I’m on this trip.
Diana Mason:
It’s easy to see how great God’s love is for Africa, when you’re standing in it. It is hard to understand it all from back home, where we carry clouds over our eyes and label them “God’s perfect love,” but when you focus through the eyes of |God on what true love is, you can see that it is absolutely divine here.
Hey guys! I have some really exciting news! I am officially sponsoring an African child, and she has changed my views on a couple things.
Her name is Sheila Muyama, she is in the nursery class, and she is ADORABLE! I love her so much! I actually find it hard to believe that I can love a child as much as I love her. Just spending time with here is like getting a glimpse of Heaven. Just seeing here smile and hearing her laugh gives me great happinss. I think I’ve caught a very small glimpse- but a glimpse- of God’s love for me in my love for Sheila. If God craves two minutes of time with me the way I crave two minutes of time with Sheila…. WOW. I want to crave two minutes of time with Him like that.
Jehovah – Rophe is my favorite way to refer to God. It means “the Lord who heals.”
These past two weeks I have really been discovering who God is and His heart for people, especially His heart for me.
I have been reading the book –When God Writes Your Love Story- and in this atmosphere that I am in, the book is 1 million times better. I have really struggled with guilt. I feel as though I have hurt and sinned against EVERYONE around me when I make a mistake. A couple of years ago I made such a large mistake that it shook up every one that I loved. It has been 2 years and that guilt has escalated (especially when surrounded by disappointed and disapproving eyes and comments). God  used this book to direct me to Psalm 51, a psalm of David. Verse 4 says, “against you, you only have I sinned, and done this evil in your sight…” Basically I have been feeling guilt for “wronging” people who I had done nothing to, and not remorseful that I had sinned against my heavenly Daddy. Two years later, just a few days ago, Gpd drove me to repentance and now “ …I will teach transgressors your ( God’s) ways, and sinners shall be converted to you (God). Psalm 51:13
That is such an encouragement. God takes my sin and throws it away, but I can user my past top tell others about the name of Jesus because I have been forgiven. This entire trip I have begged God to “break my heart for what breaks yours” and “ show me the way that you see people.”
I have never thought that God would open my eyes to see myself the way that He sees me.
I love y’all!
Hello everyone!!
It has been a lot of fun being here in Uganda! The people here are soooo nice and loving. It has been fun just walking down the streets and have kids waving and screaming “ Hi, How are you?” at us. At first I hated being the center of attention, but God has helped me though that. God has to constantly remind me that I am here to not only bless and love on these people but to bless and change me. It has been such a neat experience being here and learning to be more outgoing for God. I love this place and the children who live here in Busia, Uganda. I’m so blessed and thankful to be here!
Well, it’s only like a week until we leave Busia. It’s sad to say the least. Ther4e have been so many things on this trip that have opened my  eyes, and broken my heart.
I wouldn’t even know where to begin summing them up into one little paragraph! As a matter of fact, I can’t, so I won’t try:) I love it here though. The people are amazing, the country is beautiful, and the kids are so stinking’ cute! Oh my team isn’t too bad either, haha. Just kidding, I love them all!
I am kind of excited t get home and share all my stories, pictures, and new experiences with everyone.
Hello all!
Uganda has been so wonderful! I have learned so much so far. The #1 lesson that I think has changed me is that Jesus loves me just like these children do. On example of that is when we went to the bush churches to play with the kids using a giant parachute. I was holding it along with my teammates & there was a little girl came & took my hand and motioned for me to come with her. She took me under the parachute I before I knew it I literally had at least 20 kids hanging on my every limb, pulling me around everywhere. At one point I fell over and they all helped me get back up and continue on chanting and pulling me around. Those kids wanted to play like God just wants to be with me. When I fall He wants t help me back up. I was so overwhelmed with that realization and there were so many other times like that. I can’t wait to tell you all about it. Much Love.
I knew this trip would be absolutely amazing and life-changing before I came, but never to this extent. The kids here are the most precious people you will ever meet. The people of Uganda are beautiful, both inside and outside. It is truly a blessing to be here and see the amazing things God is doing.
The past few days have been very eye-opening. We have been going to different schools and churches in the bush. So many kids don’t have shoes, and so many kids are sick. It breaks my heart to se but at the same time it’s kind of beautiful because they are still very grateful for the little the have.
I feel like I am being blessed by these Children more than I am blessing them. Their innocence is so beautiful. I melt every time they look at me with their big brown eyes. I want to take every one of them home with me and give them the life the deserve/I do miss home every now and then, but I have completely fallen in love with Uganda. I would be overjoyed to live here and continue to serve these people.
I want to heal every sick child, fill every empty tummy and turn every frown into a smile. Unfortunately I have an issue accepting reality, but it is starting to settle in that it is impossible to fix every problem. I just have to trust god that what I do will be enough and He will continue it. He has begun a good work in me and it is wonderful.
There are so many things that have blessed me on this trip already and it’s only day 4.  It’s crazy to sit at home in America and watch the info commercials, watch the documentaries, or look at pictures of the poverty taking place in Africa. My first impression was that people were just dragging it out, but that’s not true. We drove 4-5 hours from Entebbe to reach Busia. All you could see were huts and small shacks. We’ve gone to one school almost everyday since we have been here. Me, Marissa, and Abby had a small group session with three 5th grade  girls and our translator Susan, who is my age. At one point one of the girls broke down crying, we prayed 5 or 6 times for each one of the girls. One doesn’t have a sponsor so she doesn’t get enough food to eat, she has to walk over an hour every day to get to school. These little girls have changed my life, their faith is so strong in the Lord through all of their experiences. I’m so blessed to be a blessing  to others and in return be blessed and have my life changed.
The past few days, I have seen God move in so many ways. Being in Uganda just for these past 4 days has seriously changed my life. I have met so many amazing children that I have fallen in love with. The conditions that the children here  have to live in breaks my heart. Yesterday, I was helping them write letters to their sponsors and the two main things the children asked for were a mattress and shoes. As they wrote this down, I just felt awful. These are two things that millions of Americans take for granted every day. I feel terrible knowing I have more shoes than I can count when these people have none, and every night I fall asleep on my large, comfy bed without even taking a second to appreciate it. So seing what I have these past few days has really helped open up my eyes. I’m so thankful for everything God has given me. I have everything I could ever ask for and more. My heart breaks for the children here. I’ve seen babies lying on the ground, alone and sick. I’ve seen so many children with swollen bellies, without anything to eat. There are so many things that have brought tears to my eyes and broken my heart, but, one thing I’ve learned so far on this journey with God is that sometimes your heart needs to be broken in order for Him to fill it up all-the-way:))
Editor: There are many other things that should be shared, things for which there are no words with which to describe. Faces that will never be forgotten. Laughter that will always be remembered.
We have celebrated two birthdays now and also two baptisms!
While ministering at Lake Victoria we held a baptism service in which both Bethany and Katie joined. THe looks on their faces when they came up out of that water was to die for! We were able to take a few pictures which will be coming shortly. Our hearts are so full of all God is doing in our girls!
We have seen the girls weep with heavy hearts and then allow Jesus to cause their hearts to swell with joy bursting out in song and rejoicing because of His victory over the grave. We have seen them wrestle with themselves all the way to surrender at the foot of the cross. We have watched and listened to them blossoming as servants and leaders of countless children. We have seen them swarmed by “guardians” as they handed out gifts to the top students from each class, bowled over by waves of little people who were just dying to touch the “mazungos”.
Time does not allow me to go on but hopefully we will be able to post another update within the next 24 hours with pictures this time!
Thanks for all the prayers for health… Thank you Jesus for touching Hanna!
 We have had several stuffy noses and a few soft tummies but we are all in good health today.

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