It’s been a few days since arriving back in the U.S. and although I’m tired I’m starting to process this past month of being in Romania. Here are just a few things this month has been to me.

1) COMING ALIVE. One of my biggest passions is watching people come alive in Christ. I love the process of dying to yourself and risking it all for Christ. Our team of 6 high school students and 3 leaders did just that. They risked big things for the Lord by leaving there families, friends and comforts behind and got to go on a trek to Romania. In these risks Christ broke of parts of ourselves so we may grow in him. Using an outhouse became normal, strange food became something we craved, and coming around somebody and praying was encouraging to everyone. Christ awaked our hearts. 

2) BEING A FAMILY. Our team learned what being the church and a family away from our families looked like. Our team was split into two houses. Half were at Sandu’s (our ministry contact) house and the other half were at his brothers Abi’s house. Those families cooked, cleaned and loved on us. They understood what being a servant was all about and loved us like we were there own. They even called some of us there daughters. This really modeled to our team what being family was all about. In bonded us in a way only Christ could do.

3) HAVING FUN. I love laughing and our team was never lacking in that.  Our team knew how to have fun together and really enjoy each other. There were many funny moments like doing yoga in the hallway with Ian’s funny yoga voice and watching 6 grown men dragging a huge pig across the yard.  Our team was such a blessing and it was evident that they really loved each other.

These are just a few things that have been on my heart from Romania. Some say our trip is over but I really feel in my heart this is just the beginning. Its the beginning of lasting friendships and the beginning with a radical walk with the Lord. Thank you Lord for these great things you have done.