A Spirit of Love

From the moment I arrived at training camp God has been challenging and molding me into a man after His own heart. Just one of the many things my team has been praying over me is a heart and spirit like King David’s. A spirit that lays aside everything and runs wholeheartedly the unbeaten path laid before me. And I have been loving every second God has given me here doing just that.  Spending time with Sandu’s family Has been such a blessing. They have thrown open their home to us and welcomed us with all the love that Christ has given them. I have enjoyed every minute we have spent laying concrete and moving rocks for their new pig pen. The Joy that they have in what ever they do is just inspiring. This family doesn’t have much but whatever they can they give away happily.

God has done so much already on this trip. Chains that have bound for so long are being broken. the Boxes that we have put ourselves or God in are being crushed. lives are being renewed, and restored. God is breaking and molding us into vessels that are one with Him in spirit (1 Corinthians 6:17). Satan trembles as God’s name is lifted High and His glory rebounds off the Hills here in Romania.

in His Grip,

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