Student Blogs Part 1

Blog By Mason Mangum 
What I have learned from this trip is that a lot of times things do not seem as they appear.  Like Scatland for instance, when you think of Scotland most people think of the beauty of it, but after living here you see things that are not so beautiful, like paper and bottles on the side of the road.  You have to look deep sometimes to see these things though.  You have to look under the beauty.  Under the beauty, you see the things you would not expect from such a beautiful place. What this showed me is that we are like Scotland in this way.  We look beautiful on the outside covered up by good looking objects of this world but when you go deeper, that’s when you find the person hurting on the inside.  What i noticed is that Scotland cannot clean itself.  It needs people to go in and clean the inside, where the problem is.  We need someone, God, to come in and go around our appearances and work inside us and clean up the mess. We cannot do it by ourselves we need help and only God can do that.



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